Party Lips

Happy Friday guys! Quick update before the gym. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

If you only have 15 minutes, use your time wisely by playing up your lips. A bold or edgy lip means you get to keep everything else clean and refined A.K.A easy.

Look One: Sultry Nude.


“Neutral lip color” isn’t code for “no lip color”- in fact, the right nude lip can warm up your whole face.  If you have pale, cool skin, opt for a pinky nude; if you have an olive or golden tone, try a peachy hue. And for deep complexions, do a golden caramel shade.

Look Two: Deep Wine. Put aside the notion that dark lipstick is hard to wear- there’s nothing goth about this look! The how-to: swipe on a shade of your choice on the center of the mouth, then press together lips to blend color to edges. Repeat. Then, to emphasize the diffused effect, soften the color at the lip line with a clean lip brush. Try Lancome Color Design Lipcolor in Fashion Forward, 22$.

Look Three: Bold Orange.  The newest, chicest way to wear a bright shade? Go matte (no goopy gloss- too Housewives!).  Apply color with a lip brush, using short strokes to help it last. A trick for tidying the edges: Use a brush to apply concealer just outside the lip rim.  Try Topshop Beauty Matte Lip Bullet in Could This Be Love, 10$


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