How To Spend A Parisian Weekend

So i know its a little late, this post would’ve been much better saturday morning, but to be honest ive spent all weekend lounging and recovering from two very long weeks at work. Ill shamelessly say i haven’t done one productive thing since friday and i have enjoyed every second of it! Lots of things coming up so this wont be happening again for quite some time

How To Spend A Parisian Weekend

  • Promise yourself you wont go out on friday, so as to get a good night’s rest.
  • Nevertheless, go for a drink after work, then get dragged to a restaurant, and end your night in a club, in spite of yourself
  • Be thankful that you always wear nice lingerie-you never know what might happen.
  • Wake up on Saturday morning in bed with your best guy friend, before launching into a long discussion about the “stakes” and the “ins and outs,” as well as the “subtext” of the situation.
  • Alternatively, wake up on Saturday morning in your building, looking out at the same view as your apartment, but at a slightly lower angle. Realize you’re in your downstairs neighbor’s bed.
  • Eat croissants and buttered toast for breakfast-because it’s Saturday morning and you burned enough calories last night, damn it.
  • Agree to (at least a little) exercise but only in “beautiful” surroundings: a run in a picturesque public park or a swim in a historically listed pool.
  • Go to the market on Sunday morning with your wicker basket. Prepare a delicious lunch with vegetables, fresh bread, and salted butter.
  • Take a nap on Sunday afternoon, because there’s nothing better to do. Preferably at the same time as your children or new lover.
  • Invite your friends over for dinner to stave off the Sunday evening blues.
  • If they don’t come, eat a tartine of camembert accompanied by a bottle of excellent bordeaux -also to fight Sunday blues.
  • Promise yourself you’ll spend the next weekend in the countryside.

That’s all, im going to finish reading my “how to be parisian” book because it has such great life lessons. It teaches you to be elegant and presentable, yet still unpolished and unpredictable. Aka a true lady who is still interesting. Yes please!

What did you do for your weekend?


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