Wicked Wednesday

It’s certainly been one of those days, but alas- its almost over! Seriously though, between cold weather, cranky people, and rent being due it seems like this week couldn’t be over fast enough! Some things to cheer me up:

http://www.zoya.com/ is hosting this great deal ENDING TODAY where they send you 3 free nail polishes of your choice and a mini 3 piece trio of polishes for FREE (15$ goes towards shipping and handling but still what a steal). You simply go to their site, pick three shades and check out with code NYNH. 🙂 The color featured is “Barbie” and its my favorite bright bubble gum pink to cheer me up.

Red Wine: a must for long days like today and it’s good for you too (maybe not the whole bottle but hey, carpe diem).

I live for Bath and Body Works candles! The scents are amazing and they seriously just cheer me up in an instant. The first thing I plan to do when I get home is light this one here which just smells hevanly!

Fresh cut flowers, I plan to stop at our local market before I go home to purchase some bright and lovely smelling beauties! They seriously put me in such a better mood.

Thats all, along with the flowers at the store I plan to purchase a new hair mask, and some turkey burgers. Strange right? Boyfriend decided he wanted to grill tonight and who am I to turn down a good burger!

What makes you happy?


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