Winter Weather

I’ll admit, this is my favorite time of year. Everything is so cheerful and magical and there is amazing coffee and lots of sweets, whats not to like?

The first snowfall of the season is always welcomed with open arms in my family. It falls like crystals in the sky and sparkles under the streetlights, silently falling into the wee hours of the night while me and hubby snuggle under a blanket and drink wine.

Then comes the winter storms: traffic, slushy, dirty, cold snow that makes our skin flake and our lips chap and our hair frizz and pouf. Well, I’m here to tell you there is hope, and maybe we can nostalgically look back at this snowy winter and remember the beauty of the snow and ourselves.

The first thing I’ll mention that really applies to every winter woe is the necessity to stay hydrated.  Winter weather is actually more harsh than summer (imagine that, even with the sun, chlorine, and salt spray galore) which means that it is especially important to stay hydrated. Aim for at least half of your body weight meaning if you weigh 140 lbs you should aim for 70 ounces! Hydrate your lips from the inside out.
Secondly, keep chap stick handy! You may wish to lick your lips but the saliva will actually worsen the effects of dry, chapped lips. Every time you want to lick apply a chap stick that is as natural as possible with beeswax, vaseline, glycerin and cocoa butter work marvels. Avoid anything with menthol, fragrances, alcohol, aloe butter, or vitamin E- they may seem like they soothe and heal but can further irritate the area.

Once again, water, water, WATER! When your body becomes dehydrated it is only logical that your skin dries out. I especially learned this working at Clinique skincare at a retail store, water is the number one thing we lack in the winter.
Get the most out of your skincare products by locating one with humectants (which act like a barrier to keep the water inside your skin) such as glycerin, people will also recommend hyaluronic acid just be wary this can also become an irritant for some skin types, green tea extract is also a nice gentle moisturizing agent. I prefer my skin care to be fragrance free as my skin is sensitive and fragrances can trigger that. Be sure to use a GENTLE exfoliating scrub once a week (check the label to make sure it isn’t made of pits or shells which can damage skin) to get rid of the dead, flaky, layer of skin and help moisturizers soak in better OR use a mild salicylic acid face wash daily.

Hair needs a little extra TLC during wintertime. Shampooing strips moisture from the scalp and hair, so wash strands every other day if possible. Everyone’s hair is different—if washing once or twice a week is normal for you, maybe try extending the time in between washes with a good dry shampoo- my favorite is made by RUSK.  To prevent breakage or other damage, try not to blow dry, flat iron, curl,  and brushing hair when wet because those locks are most delicate when waterlogged. I also prefer to mix my shampoo AND conditioner with organic apple cider vinegar which gives incredible softness and shine, though don’t try to do this if your sharing your shower with your significant other because it stinks (dont worry though as soon as hair dries the smell is 100% gone). Mix one part shampoo or conditioner and 2 parts vinegar and your good to go.



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