Crushing On: Your Fall Wardrobe

Sorry all you Summer lovers but I have news: Fall is coming, and it will be here before we know it. I’ve tried to be respectful of all those hanging on to hot summer days for dear life, but I simply just cant any longer. I’m not the only one, Dunkin released their pumpkin line, school is starting (sorry), and football season has begun. I live for these early fall days that are sunny & crisp.. perfect for Layering, cozy sweaters, and tons of new makeup and hair looks.

Today I’m focusing on fashion, and what every person needs this fall. Here’s what’s trending for fall 2016 style. Stock up now, it’ll be here before you know it.

Your Key Pieces
BeFunky Collage

  1. Khaki trench 2. A flattering Wrap dress 3. A slouchy Blazer (think: slept-in) 4. A Crisp button down 5. A Black turtleneck 6. A Shirtdress 7. A Denim jacket (s0 long as it isn’t cropped) 8. A Neutral pencil skirt 9. A Leather jacket.


With these key pieces, you can put together any fall outfit. You can literally add any of these to your current daily wardrobe to transition into fall. That being said, this fall has it’s own trending looks that will definitely stand out in a great way.

Here are some outfit ideas:


Matching separates
2016’s version of the Clueless cast


Skinny leather pants + Oversize sweater


A flowy Jumpsuit
wear it to work, then out to drinks.


Anything patchwork.. think an updated color block


Tan on tan
Mix up the textures and you’re good to go… because who needs black on black?



That’s all for now loves,
Xo, Miranda❤

Sunday Fundays

Happy Sunday guys and gals🙂 I hope this week has treated you well! I am currently a melting stress ball trying to juggle financial aid, school, wedding plans, and finding a new full time job to pay for all of this. No worries though, it’ll all work out? No really, I’m optimistic, just stressed.

What have you done with your weekend? Let me know so I can live vicariously through Y’all😉 We stayed in all weekend, I worked & Elly had a loss in the family:/ I’m so thankful for all of you though.. I really appreciate all of your well wishes! The blogging community is more than just sharing your thoughts. I’ve found so many thoughtful, wonderful souls on here, and I know we support each other through the good and the bad..  so once again THANK YOU❤

These are my favorite links from around the web.

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That’s all for now loves,
Xo, Miranda<3

How To Tuesday: Layering

Okay, bear with me here guys-I know it’s been like 100 degrees the past week- but fall is right around the corner. I know there are some of you out there who are hanging on to summer for dear life, but I am over here DYING for fall. For crisp air, auburn decorations, pumpkin everything, crockpot soup.. the list goes on and on.. but on the very top of that list is LAYERING.

On a brief side note: I picked my wedding venue🙂🙂 It a covered, gorgeous pavillan on an apple orchard with an outdoor patio/lounge. September 30th, 2017. YAYY.

Another side note: I received a call from Sephora (remember I’m on a job search) and was scheduled for a group interview this Thursday. I’m beyond intimidated! I’ve never had a group interview.. with other applicants. Anyone have any advice???

Back to subject though. Layering can be intimidating, or it can be extremely flattering. Here are some tips.

  1. Start Basic.
    To keep from looking like like a carnival explosion you’ll want to start with something neutral and slim fitting. You can choose black, white, tan, navy, striped… you generally don’t want anything patterned, bright, or anything else that shouts at you.  This is your base, and it’s meant to stay in the background (compare it to a makeup primer for your outfit).
    BeFunky Collage

    Try This coral V-Neck, This Striped boatneck, or This black crew neck.

  2. Add A Layer.
    Choose something to compliment your base layer. Think an open cardigan over a V-Neck T-Shirt, or a sweater over a long sleeved turtle neck. If you like color, here would be a great place to add it in.

    BeFunky Collage
    Try This knit sweater, This boyfriend cardigan, or This Geo sweater vest.

  3. Add An Outer Layer.
    This would be your jacket or coat. Again, I would stick with a neutral color like black, white, camel, or navy.
    BeFunky Collage

    Like This hooded coat, This belted jacket, or This leather moto.

  4. Accessorize. 
    A scarf, whether patterned or plain, really ties a layered outfit together. What’s best about this is you can really show your individuality here, bright, printed, skinny, or hugely woven, it’s all fair game. Accessorize how you normally would, then take one item off so that you come across as well put and not overthought.
    BeFunky Collage

    Like This woven scarf, This paisley bandana, and This lightweight one.


Additional Tips:

  • Play with texture.
    This can be done at any stage of layering. You’ll want to mix in different fabrics and materials to avoid a visually “heavy” look. A good way to do this is to add something “heavy” like cashmere with something “light” like silk. An exception: don’t wear something heavy & something bulky at the same time, lest you want to add visual pounds to your appearance (and who really wants that?)
  • Always keep proportions in mind.
    Proportions are SO important when it comes to layering: they can make or break your outfit (frumpy mess vs polished chic).  A general rule with outer layers is to match short with long, and long with short, meaning if you have a short dress chose a long jacket as something cropped would look strange (but your outermost layer should never be shorter than your base: think a trench coat with a mini skirt, yuck) and if you have a long dress something cropped would be perfect.
  • Highlight your figure. 
    Want an instant hourglass? Layer a medium sized belt over your outfit to highlight waist and define curves.
  • Balance volume.
    There’s nothing wrong with a full skirt or a loose cardigan, unless you pair them together. If your top is loose, make your bottoms more fitted, if you are wearing something breezy below, make sure your top is fitted.

    Thats all for now my loves,
    Xo, Miranda<3

Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all having fantastic weeks/weekends🙂 I’ve been laying low and its been great.. lots of R&R. Lately I feel like I’ve just been stretching myself too thin. Between upcoming school, an upcoming wedding, and finding a new job (which needs to happen before school starts), added with my regular busy social schedule, full time work, my new running schedule at the gym, and blogging… it really feels like there aren’t enough hours of the day sometimes! Ugh.

Any suggestions? haha.

Here are my favorite links from around the web this week.

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Thats all for now loves,
Xo, Miranda<3

Sunday Funday

Good morning guys! What a beautiful weekend it’s been. I want to thank you all for all of the amazing support everyone has shown on my last post. It’s really amazing & I am SO appreciative of it and of you all🙂🙂 You’re seriously the best.

I worked Saturday (only till 1 #banklife) so this weekend FLEW by. Once I was out of work I met with Elliott to kayak, followed by a late night date night to see Suicidesquad with a couple of friends. I thought the movie was great and if you like action/fantasy movies I can pretty much guarentee you’ll love it. Today is a lazy morning, followed by maybe a hike, and then meeting Elly’s dad at his golf course to maybe pick a venue! Ahh so excited.

How was your weekend? I’d love to hear🙂

These are my favorite links from around the web this week.
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That’s all for now loves,
Have a great weekend<3
Xo, Miranda🙂

Product Review & Big Life Updates!

Hi guys! TGIF🙂 It’s been a long few weeks but somehow it all works out. So I received a few samples of TRESemme’s new Beauty-Full Volume pre-wash conditioner and shampoo. I’ve heard all about these products and have been DYING to try them so I’m so happy I finally got the chance.

& If you’re wondering about my big news?? I got accepted to Paul Mitchell school of cosmetology. Seriously guys, I’m SO excited to bring you all along the way with me. I’m talking new beauty ideas and techniques, behind the scenes products, hair shows.. the works. I am really excited about this one.. Yayy!

But back to the review: This shampoo & conditioner is the first of its kind. You condition BEFORE you shampoo (I know, right?). The theory behind this is that your typical shampoo & condition can leave your strands dull and weighed down/flat.

What it claims. 
According to TRESemme’s website: “The unique formulation, with Fleximax Volumizers, helps control static and flyaways, infusing your hair with volume and leaving it prepped for styling. Our new revolutionary Reverse System with conditioner before shampoo helps you achieve volume and softness at the same time. Used after the Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner, hair is left silky and soft, but not flat.”

My Hair.
My hair is naturally thin, but with a lot of strands. It is naturally “fluffy”, not straight, not curly, prone to frizz, and damaged from heat styling. This can be a problem for me because it needs extra product to thoroughly condition, but can also be easily weighed down.

The Instructions.
1. Pre-Wash Conditioner: To be used before shampoo. Distribute even throughout wet hair. Leave on for 1 minute, rinse thoroughly.
2. Shampoo: To be used after pre-wash conditioner. Apply to wet hair from roots to tips. Work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. Style as desired using the full TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume styling range.

What I noticed. 
It was a bit strange at first to apply the conditioning pre wash before shampooing but the beautiful scent which was sweet and floral. The conditioning pre wash was a nice consistency: not too thick or slimy, but fluid enough to coat the entire hair shaft. I even applied it to my scalp, which I normally avoid in case of product build up, oil, and limp strands (this can leave my roots dry and frizzy though, usually a problem). I then applied the shampoo & massaged for a minute to a luscious lather, seriously- a lather to die for! This made it very easy to rake through the rest of my hair.. all the way down to my ends as instructed.

The results.
I’ve used this product a few times and honestly love it! Applying the conditioner first means I can nourish my frizzy roots while still feeling clean. As a result my strands have had much more bounce and also feel much more moisturized, easy to style, and soft to the touch. I would certainly recommend this product. I honestly cant think of a critique for this product!


*I received this product as a sample to try, I did not purchase this product myself*


That’s all for now guys,
Have a GREAT weekend.
Xo, Miranda.